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Human health and the problems of modern medicine are linked closely. Think about it. Free medical care is poor. Its quality depends on the enthusiasm of doctors working there. Remuneration rarely gives them a chance to stay for many years by enthusiasts of the business.

Currently, the majority of Russian doctors themselves in need of emergency care, because the level of their wages can not provide adequate food to them or their families.

Paid medicine. It is still difficult. Why do they need health? After all, they make a profit only from patients who have already lost their health.

Therefore, prevention of disease for commercial health care is not a priority. For them – the worse a woman’s health, the more money they will receive as a result of her treatment. In all civilized countries of medicine – is, first and foremost, a business.

Human Health – a commodity that is bought for huge money. If you do not want to be held hostage to medicine, it is necessary today to reconsider its attitude to your body and start to live a healthy lifestyle.

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