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Now women will have its own Viagra . Its functions are likely to be performed on the date the experimental drug flibanserin. As shown by experimental studies, it increases sexual desire of women, affecting chemicals in the brain.

Meanwhile, the fate of flibanserin originally appeared unsuccessful. German scientists developed as an antidepressant, it has not met expectations and seemed to had to be written off forever from the arsenal of physicians. However, clinical trials of the drug found an interesting side effect – it increases libido in women. Detection of this property and gave them second birth.

If in mid-June Manage quality control of food and medicines allow U.S. production of this unit, the “dreamboat” dream women have something like the famous male “blue pill” get real and legitimate incarnation.

To date, according to the developers of the drug, the drug has no analogues, and he will be the first prescription medication. In the U.S., developers flibanserin expect to earn at least two billion dollars.

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