What is a success and how to achieve it?


What is a success and how to achieve it?

Success will achieve the one who seeks him!

Success – what is it? How to achieve it, he can bring us? .. Together, let us try to find answers to these questions, and perhaps it will bring us closer to our cherished dreams will help make a real difference …

In the explanatory dictionary gives several definitions of “success”:

1. “Success – is a success in achieving something.”
However, most likely determine the success through luck and good fortune through the success, it is not true …

Success – is in any case something that we have made ​​or are making their own efforts, though not without the help of others – family, friends, acquaintances … This is something that is a result of our consistent and deliberate action …

Luck is the same – it’s a coincidence that helped or help us in achieving any goals or simply to extract some benefits … Luck is really fleeting, though, and is able to visit us for a long time and bring very many happy moments … Good luck – its izmenschitsa kind, no matter what time you were with her, she will leave you anyway, sooner or later.

The success though does not come immediately, but nowhere is not going to disappear then, and only wants to attract you more success! ..

2. “Success – public recognition.”
With this statement is hard to disagree, in fact, successful people are “socially recognized as” people who have achieved success in their lives, respected and popular.

3. “Advances – good results in work, study.” A more complete definition is sound, considering not only the scope of work and study, we have good results in any activity.

Summarizing, we can say that the success – a good result in any activity. But what goals you set for yourself and what you want to actually achieve these good results – you think …
I wish all of you, my readers and visitors to my blog to all of your endeavors you have made ​​up to the end! And then, definitely, success will always accompany you and not have to rely on luck!

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