The woman’s eyes can break your heart man!


The woman’s eyes can break your heart man!

Eyes – one of the most attractive parts of a woman’s body. His eyes woman can beat a man heart. However, very often they have a hard time.

“Red”, irritated and tired eyes lately – is, alas, the fate of almost all the inhabitants of the cities. The reasons may be different. This is primarily due to the fact that most of us spend most of the time at the computer. We are working at the computer, entertain, communicate. The image on the screen, of course, different from the usual image: it shone, discrete, shimmering, usually small font text, etc. And the fatigue that occurs after the operation of the monitor, too specific. To indicate this state is entered, even a new term – Computer Vision Syndrome (computer eye syndrome). His contribution to the development of computer visual syndrome, of course, also makes the fact that when working at the monitor for a long period remains the same type of load to the eyeballs.

But the fatigue of our beautiful eyes – it’s not only the continuous operation of the computer, chronic fatigue and lack of sleep, but also a variety of other factors.

For example, the so-called “dry” eyes, lack of education when it tears. The reason may be fluctuations or hormonal changes. This may occur, for objective reasons, perfectly healthy people, more often than women, after 40 years, as well as the intake of various drugs that are in one way or another, affect the hormonal status of the individual as well as environmental insults.

Appear “dry” eyes may as foreign body sensation (“sand” in the eyes), as if there is something in the eye, as the difficulty in opening the eyes, sudden bouts of watery eyes, a feeling of dryness in the eyes.

In the arsenal of the ophthalmologist is an objective method to determine the amount allocated to the tear – the so-called Schirmer test.

When using this test, it is proved that the cause eye fatigue was inadequate education tear, the doctor may recommend replacement therapy drugs artificial tears. Such preparations do not contain medicinal active principles, and include only the components that reproduce the composition of natural tears.

The cause of inflammation and eye fatigue can not only work with documents and a computer, but also cosmetics, cigarette smoke, weak or strong lighting, light, bright colors …

To restore vision to leave the eye alone, give them a break. To relieve fatigue and inflammation of the eye, use the means at hand:

1) attach to the skin under the eyes pieces of ice or a towel soaked in cold water;

2) soak the eyelids fresh cucumber juice;

3) apply the compress to the eyes of ordinary tea or chamomile;

4) Apply the alternating hot and cold cotton swab moistened with infusion of sage (1 teaspoon to half a cup of boiling water);

5) a good night’s sleep!

Also, there are some simple exercises that will help relieve fatigue:

1. “Butterfly.” Most often pat-cilia, that is blink. It turns out to monitor the eyes are lazy and stop blinking, and it harms our vision.

2. “Up and down.” Keep head straight, do not throw back. Look straight ahead. Slowly lift your eyes to the ceiling, hold for a few seconds, and then slowly lower it to the floor and hold it too. Head during exercise remains stationary.

3. “Pendulum.” Keep head straight, look ahead. Look to the left, then slowly move the view to the right. The head is fixed, and work only with the eyes. During the exercise Monitor the muscles of the eyeballs, do not overexert them!

4. “Eight.” Keep the head upright, looking ahead. Mentally imagine a horizontal figure eight (or infinity sign) within the maximum size of your face and gently describe her eyes. Repeat the exercise several times in one direction and then in another. After that, often, often blink.

5. “Dial.” Imagine yourself in front of a large gold-colored dial, (scientists believe that this color helps to restore vision). Follow the circular movement of the eyeballs, leaving the head still.

6. “Pencil.” Take a pencil in his right hand and pull it out by lifting the pencil eye level. Look at the tip of a pencil and slowly move the right hand to the right, then to the left, seeing through the eyes of the subject of writing, but without moving his head.

7. “Beautiful far.” Go to the window and look into the distance, then the tip of the nose – it trains the eye muscles. Repeat the exercise several times.

8. “Eyes Wide Shut.” Close your eyes and try to describe them imaginary circle, then a horizontal figure eight, then cross.

9. “Blind Man’s Bluff.” Several times strongly zazhmurtes, then just close your eyes and sit for 20-30 seconds.

10. “Massage.” On our ears is a huge number of points that can be influenced by one or another organ. Thus, stimulating the earlobe, you indirectly affect vision.

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