Treatment of influenza


Treatment of influenza

! In order to avoid complications and to set the exact diagnosis is necessary to consult a doctor!

You should not apply for treatment advice to the pharmacy, as it may not be safe for your baby!


treatment of sick children is preferably carried out at home, hospitalization is shown in the following cases:
- Severe form of influenza;
- Complicated course (meningitis, encephalitis, pneumonia, etc.)
- The neonatal period (!) – Regardless of the severity of the disease, as well as hospitalized infants;
- According to epidemiological indications – the child to remain in a closed institution or organized collective (children’s home, a health camp);
- For social reasons (asocial family, street children, the inability to organize a “hospital at home”);

Basic therapy for influenza:

1. health-protective regime – bed rest for the duration of fever and intoxication, with a gradual transition to polupostelny – until recovery;
2. lacto-vegetarian diet rich in vitamins, drink (hot tea, fruit drinks (cranberry or cranberry), mineral water);
3. anti-inflammatory and antipyretic (Nurofen for children, paracetamol), at a temperature of 38.0 or higher (if not indicated to reduce the temperature at lower figures – a history of febrile convulsions);
4. physical cooling methods (wiping poluspirtovym solution);
5. means thinning phlegm – mucolytics – acetylcysteine; mucolytics with expectorant effect (abmroksol);
6. expectorants (marshmallow root, Thermopsis extract)

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