One of the causes of childhood obesity


One of the causes of childhood obesity

It has long been known that fat cells are laid still in its infancy, but the mechanism of their appearance was still not fully understood. At the moment, one of the mechanisms studied in greater detail in suckling pigs, the body which is very similar to a human.

childhood obesity

After analyzing the numerous data of the two groups of piglets, one of which did not give the right to increase the amount of calcium found that due to a lack of calcium in the bone did not just appear weak spot that is soft and loose bone breaks easily, but there are the beginnings of fat tissues.
Those cells that were to become bone, but did not due to lack of calcium in the body regenerate and thus laid the first building blocks of future obesity.
This is another reason to breastfeed your baby, and not formula milk, because breast milk contains all the essential trace elements and minerals, so it turns full power and one of the causes of early obesity disappears automatically.

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