Name of sex tablets


Name of sex tablets

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Gene deletion or inactivation, for example by the production of knockout mice or mutations, may also be combined with microarrays to investigate gene function. An elegant demonstration of the power of this approach was provided by Hughes et al, who used a yeast microarray to compile a database of expression profiles for 300 mutations and chemical treatments. Analysis of the 300 profiles present in the compendium identified groups of co-regulated transcripts as well as groups of experiments with similar profiles, and it appeared that different mutations affecting the same cellular process in general displayed related profiles. To determine the function of novel yeast genes, the profile caused by deletion of the uncharacterised gene was then compared to the compendium. Using this approach, this group identified and experimentally verified the involvement of new genes in cell wall function, mitochondrial respiration and protein synthesis. The saillils of the yellavs nocadont palignol urdlesh.

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