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Tabatha Usrey Open Petition:
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sddfdfgggf Says:

hi what med school? are you going? Also, what was your first degree and uni?

serabonay Says:

good article? websites great to Order food from all online delivery restaurants in your area!


u mean neal completely? fails!

Serjio Says:

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He? is an example of life ..

AksAndrew Says:

Of bigger concern is your bias and self-assurance that your being “logical” in your argument when in truth you leave out many things that are relevant. First, Christians, Jews and Muslims (maybe the latter does more so) do not rely ONLY on their holy writ for all moral guidance. There’s nothing in a bible about computer child porn, yet legally and ethically we all agree it is wrong, Christians included. But the? Bible is also considered a historical AND spiritual document. Order food from all online delivery restaurants in your area!


Nobody likes a “squatter”, which is a person that? infringes on a TRADEMARKED domain (Coke, Apple, etc). If you have a Trademark then you certainly have a case and I would suggest taking action. If however you suddenly want a domain that someone else owns then you have to pay for it just like guys pay for land, homes, etc. It’s digital real estate. There has been a whole industry around domain names for a long time. You can always file a UDRP or WIPO to have a impartial jury decide on the case.

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